Physical medicine

Therapy procedure

Therapy procedure with papimi

On average, the treatment lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. Treatments usually take place every two to three days. Many patients report significant improvements after just a few treatments. Depending on the indication and the degree of illness, the treatment can also be performed several times a day. Treatment takes place in 3 simple steps:



At first papimi is used as a diagnostic tool by scanning the whole body for sensitive regions and problematic zones. 



The doctor adjusts the dosage of ion-induction according to the patient’s feedback, thus enabling a painless therapy and the greatest possible effect. 



The applicator is held close to the affected body region(s) in order to carry out the ion induction. Depending on the patient’s needs, the distances are adjusted and individual applicators are used. 

Practical tip

A full-body treatment before the actual local application can achieve faster and more comprehensive results. The metabolism and related microcirculation are stimulated and the body is optimally prepared for the therapy.