Interview with Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier in this week’s Ärzte Woche Newspaper

Interview with Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier in this week’s Ärzte Woche Newspaper


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Interview. Ion-Induction is an ideal complement to modern F.X. Mayr medicine. Read here to find out which indications this combination can be used for and how it works.

Renate Lessky-Höhl interviewing Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier

Complementary medicine: Can you give an overview of the most important principles and practices of Modern Mayr Medicine?

Stossier: Modern Mayr Medicine is a symbiosis of traditional diagnostics and therapy according to Dr Mayr, functional myodiagnostics and orthomolecular medicine. After a detailed clinical examination, a personalised therapy is recommended for the patient. The main focus here is on reducing food intake, although eating habits take centre stage. Eating slowly, chewing and salivating well and observing the natural daily rhythm allow the body to regenerate. At the same time, a personalised cleansing and detoxification programme is carried out. A manual abdominal treatment is carried out by the doctor as often as possible. By combining these treatments on an individual basis, a wide variety of illnesses can be treated.

Complementary medicine: What motivated you to expand your practice to Armenia and what were your goals in doing so?

Stossier: Establishing Modern Mayr Medicine in a country like Armenia is an enormous challenge. Not only is the medical environment completely different, but the basic knowledge of complementary medicine is only rudimentary here. But this also opens up many opportunities to create something new. I have the opportunity here to fundamentally influence the medical system, create awareness of complementary medicine and exert a decisive influence in the nutritional sector in particular.

Complementary medicine: How does papimi Ion Induction Therapy fit in with the principles of Modern Mayr Medicine and how does it increase the effectiveness of this approach?

Stossier: Modern Mayr medicine is perfectly complemented by papimi ion induction therapy. The main approach of Modern Mayr Medicine is to strengthen and train the digestive system. We also work via the intestinal nervous system, i.e. the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the decisive factor for the recovery and regeneration of the digestive system. This is precisely where papimi ion induction therapy comes in. It ideally supports the anti-inflammatory component of the parasympathetic nervous system by influencing the digestive system at both the muscular and nervous level, leads to relaxation of the muscles, supports the parasympathetic nervous system in its regulating function on the digestive system and thus promotes the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Complementary medicine: Are there specific Modern Mayr Medicine treatments that harmonise particularly well with papimi therapy?

Stossier: The inflammatory abdomen should be emphasised in particular. If, for example, someone has what Mayr calls an «inflammatory faecal abdomen» due to food intolerances or dysbiosis, the treatment can be ideally combined with papimi ion induction therapy. If, for example, a daily treatment for 10 – 15 minutes is applied both ventrally and dorsally over the inflamed area (abdomen (abdomen and lumbar spine), regeneration and regeneration and improvement of the of the inflammation is considerably faster and the frequently associated low back pain can be can be favourably influenced.

Complementary medicine: Could you explain in more detail the situations in which you use papimi ion induction therapy as part of a combined therapy approach?

Stossier: papimi ion induction therapy is an ideal complement to Modern Mayr Medicine. Both methods intervene in regulation and form the basis for restoring regulatory capacity. The different abdominal shapes, for example, which result as a reaction to pathogenic nutritional situations, also influence posture. All these postures are characterised by specific compensatory measures in the musculoskeletal system. This results in regional pain syndromes with possible radiation to other areas. Ion induction therapy is indicated here to alleviate muscular complaints and Modern Mayr Medicine is suitable for eliminating the causes of these musculoskeletal compensatory measures.

Complementary medicine: Can you explain how the papimi ion induction therapy in the treatment of primary disorders of the digestive system can be integrated?

Stossier: papimi ion induction therapy can be easily integrated into modern Mayr therapy. The daily routine during the therapeutic measures includes various physical and hydrotherapeutic measures in addition to manual abdominal treatments, which are carried out by the doctor as often as possible. This takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the indication and location of the treatment. It is important to me to always treat the front and back of the body. This is particularly necessary in the case of inflammatory changes in the abdominal cavity, as these also cause reflective disturbances in the dorsal area. The lymphatic circulation is also ideally supported when the front and back are treated.