21.05.2022 Webinar Congress Mitochondria & Cell

21.05.2022 Webinar Congress Mitochondria & Cell


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Listen to Dr. Hartner and other experts talk about mitochondiral medicine and share their experiences with supporing therapy forms.

(Attention: Event is held in German!)

Regenerative mitochondrial medicine is a comparatively young form of therapy in the field of human medicine, although scientific findings have been known for many decades. If we take a look at the current state of research, we can see a strong increase in scientific publications in the last twenty years. It has simply been recognised: Intact mitochondria play a central role in maintaining health and becoming healthy.
This makes the prudent therapist hopeful insofar as there is promising potential in the concepts of mitochondrial diagnostics and therapies for the sensible treatment of many disease patterns. During our congress, our experts will provide you with exciting news from the field of mitochondrial research and present therapy concepts. You can look forward to an exciting congress with interesting information.
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